"I know some boats that always come back when they have sailed (....) and are ready to spread their wings of giants because they have an ocean-sized heart"

(from Jacques Brel)


Something about me

I graduated in Political Science International Relations at “Cesare Alfieri” University of Florence.After various experiences as a consultant for coordination and organization, public relations and territorial marketing, during the last 10 years, I deepened the study of the behavioral dynamics specializing as Business and Personal Coach PCC, Professional Certified Coach, Mentor Coach ICF, International Coaching Federation.

This is now my profession which I carry out with great passion as a trainer of individuals, managers and companies. Working with entrepreneurs and executives, I see how business coaching is particularly effective in increasing the winning attitude to change and innovation.
The coaching process allows you to focus on your goals by drawing on personal resources and talents that, thanks to the partnership of the coaching relationship, become visible and feasible, real strengths for success and well-being.
I create and conduct courses and seminars, both in Italy and abroad, on various topics, in particular leadership, time organization and management, decision-making processes, effective communication, talent developing, emotional intelligence. I also work in English and French.

I strongly believe in empathy and authenticity; to me, values are the stars that guide us even in the most complex and demanding moments, our signature that must shine through in every gesture or action. My real goal is to create harmony and to take the best potential out of people. That is probably why my great passion is music, a powerful and fascinating language that led me to study piano since I was very young!
I also like to work in the educational field in different schools both with teachers and students  on the emotional intelligence, communication, method of studying, orientation and developing talent.
Part of my time is dedicated to study projects for the benefit of the educating community by directing a Foundation committed to promote well-being at school.


Certified CoachingbyValues, Brief Coaching and Shadow Coaching.

What is Coaching

If we continue to act as we have always done we will always achieve the same results.
It is time to leave some limiting schemes and take new roads. .

Coaching is an effective and collaborative relationship that focuses on the development of human potential; a pragmatic and strategically oriented approach to innovation, starting from the concrete resources that already exist (facts and non-perceptions) and working on the needs of the present towards the future.
Awareness work on one's cognitive, behavioral and emotional patterns allows one to tap into one's inner resources, activating autonomy and decision-making capacity towards greater balance, satisfaction and well-being.
Coaching is a powerful method to activate change and/or renewal processes in order to support people, team or groups, companies and organizations to transform their growth and performance goals into concrete results.


  • Do you start your day with enthusiasm and participation?
  • How much energy do you transmit to your work team?
  • Does your company / organization continually reinvent itself to always stay on the wave?
  • Why wait for someone else to give you the permission to make your successes happen?


Brief Coaching is an innovative method of personal development oriented to the solution, which stands out for its essentiality and rapidity in achieving results.

Focusing on what is working and on the desired solution feeds a culture of confrontation and collaboration between the organization and its members. The approach of the Brief Coaching's in companies is powerful to deal with complex situations and develop an aptitude for innovation and problem solving for both individuals and teams.

Some of the advantages of this method are:

  • to clearly identify the aspects of novelty that we are called to face
  • to overcome perceived limits in order to fully express the potential
  • to set up organization and management strategies to achieve the new objectives
  • to use effective communication in relational relationships

The Brief Coaching allows people to evolve, to overcome blocks and limiting beliefs, to implement functional behaviors, to move concretely from intention to action and to achieve the desired results. In particular, reasoning in terms of solutions leads to detaching from the vicious circle that often arises when working in terms of problems.
Unexplored scenarios and solutions will be discovered; furthermore, evaluation elasticity, flexibility, adaptability to change, ability to focus on objectives, greater effectiveness and decision-making autonomy will be acquired.

Areas of intervention

  • Leadership development
  • Development of potential
  • Decision making processes
  • Support for change
  • Management and organization of time
  • Effective communication
  • Generational transitions
  • Team and group coaching

Benefits of coaching in the company

  • It acts on individual potentials
  • It stimulates the achievement of objectives
  • It increases autonomy and proactivity
  • It refines communication methods
  • It consolidates teamwork
  • It turns challenges into opportunities
  • It promotes well-being and flexibility


Clarify, simplify, evolve

Shadow Coaching ® is an advanced form of coaching: the live observation phase of reality gives the possibility to go below the surface, capturing the essence beyond subjective interpretations from the perspective that the "less is more". It allows people to evolve more quickly thanks to the concreteness and immediacy of the method: the presence of the coach in the field, leads the client to develop the capacity for self-observation by accelerating self-awareness and discovering new aspects of the environment surrounding. Changing the perspective, things look different!
We live in a complex world: change is a constant at a technological, cultural and organizational level. Coaching supports people to live in a constantly evolving world and to learn how to "ride" it in real time so as to effectively contextualize change and derive maximum benefit.

Every day we can create opportunities if we only begin to pay attention to what we are not yet seeing.


Coaching for school: children, parents and teachers.

For students, coaching is very effective for discovering attitudes, talents and motivational levers as well as optimizing mental preparation and organization to successfully manage both school and extra commitments; thanks to the trust and the individual relationship with the coach, it is possible to focus on the objectives to be achieved and create an action plan for their realization.
For parents, the coaching approach offers useful tools for becoming "coaches" of their children, helping them to be aware of emotions and accompanying them in constructive and harmonious growth. This is possible both individually and in small groups of parents with dedicated paths.
For teachers, the latest research in neuroscience and emotional intelligence together with the pillars of the coaching methodology provide effective insights to renew their communication style, make the lessons more engaging, improve relations with colleagues with positive effects both individually and for the institute.

I often organize teachers training courses on how to facilitate teamwork, enhancing language, leadership, communication and more.

For the 2018-2019 school year, I was among the teachers of the Excellence Project, an innovative project aimed at selected students of the Severi and Vittorio Veneto Scientific high schools, and of the Classical Cesare Beccaria high school in Milan.

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